MosquitoRepellent Experimental

Our Mosquito Repellant on Youtube...

Our Mosquito repellent App plays tone’s randomly in the frequency range of 9 to 14 khz, we found this to be more effective than playing a single frequency tone because mosquitoes have a lot of subspecies and they react differently to the same tone, hence playing a range of tones is more effective.Just click the start button.

We recommend your to adjust your media volume to about 60% of maximum phone/tablet volume. We found this to be the right volume to play these tones. Also the phone plots the frequency being played on the screen.

Please use this app in conjunction with whatever anti mosquito measures you are taking already.

Please give us feedback, we will improve the app to be more effective.

We get permissions for wake lock, to keep the screen on, network access for banner ads.

Apk By Invite only.

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