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The app where your voice assistant is a interactive avatar . When you open the app he/she is on the screen waiting for your voice commands, Just touch the screen and start talking

Main features
  • Interactive live screen voice assistant brings phone assistant to a whole new level

  • Ultimate personalization - you program your assistant, so it is built for you and by you

  • Search assistant - Touch the screen and start with key word “Look up” and your search

Tasks Open popular websites by touching screen and saying name (google, facebook, youtube)

Easy App Navigator Click on the Apps button on the left and easily open the app you want More apps to come
Interactive live screen The app can follow built in voice command "Dance", Touch the screen and say dance.
Personalization The App is a learning app, so you can teach it how to respond to your voice commands, the built in command is : “hello”, touch the screen and say “hello” the app will say back : “Hi how are you doing”
Click on the Teach me button on the left to teach the app.
Type the following
Textbox 1 : Say hello to my friends
Textbox 2 : Hi friends how are you doing, I am a learning app
Click the save button, and click back button to come back to the main screen .It is that simple, now the app will remember how to respond to the phrase “say hello to my friends” touch on the app screen and say “ say hi to my friends” the app will respond with what you just taught.
This is the best personalization app. This is a Siri/Alexa for android that is programmed for you and by you with your creativity, wit..
If you touch screen and say something you haven’t taught the app yet, it will repeat what you said and show on screen. This is a fun feature as a relay communication, for example you touch the screen and say “ kids stop the tv and go do homework”. The app will repeat what you just said in his adorable puppy voice.

Search assistant
Touch the app screen and use the key word “look up” and say whatever you are looking for. ( you can also use keywords “find” or “search” instead of “look up” )
“look up best Italian restaurant near me"
"look up directions to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue washington dc" -
"look up movie schedules near me"
“Look up name of clint eastwood in good bad and ugly”
“Look up michael jackson video billie jean”
“look up how is the weather”
“Look up how to say great art in french”
“Look up how are los angeles chargers doing”
You can also say “How to” followed by whatever you want to learn.
Example touch the screen and say “how to train a dog”,The app will show results.
A lot more Coming Soon
Please email me if you have any issues,We will be more than happy to refund. Please do give us positive ratings if you like the app, This app is coded by me and my buddy and not by a huge team. We are working on adding tons of features and make this app the best for easy navigation and search assistant.

This app was first released in 2010 on Google play store before any other app like Siri (Apple) or Alexa (Amazon) existed. The app updates were under hibernation for the past few years. But the full scale development has began on 2018 to revamp the app based on the original code base. You can expect full support moving forward and enhancements and app release cycles at a more rapid pace.
Thank You very much for downloading our app and supporting our development efforts.

Apk By Invite Only.


Please change the background.

thank you for your suggestion, we changed the background color to blue.

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