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Our TimeLapse App takes pictures, based on user configuration of number of pictures and duration.
Stores the pictures in a easy to find location on SD Card giving full access and control to users.
Upload the images from the phone to Mac or PC using Airdroid or Android file transfer and then using IMovie or Moviemaker create your own professional 1080P TimeLapse movie.
Simple easy to follow instructions on how to export images to MAC/Windows and make a 1080p movie are provided below.

How To Use the App:
1) Click on the App icon, the start screen has Duration, Number of Images, Shutter off/on, start taking your TimeLapse pictures.
2) Enter Duration in Minutes, indicating how long you want to capture the pictures.
3) Enter Number of Images, Indicating how many pictures do you want to capture in the duration.
Note: Duration: 60 mins and Number of Images: 300 images is optimal for a lot of TimeLapse scenarios.
4) Shutter On button can be either off or on. If the Shutter on is on , Phone will make shutter sound whenever a picture is taken. The default value is off.
5) Click the start button, the application will start taking pictures. On the top number of pictures taken, remaining and the saved File name are shown. Left bottom corner shows the previous picture taken.
6) Application automatically stops taking pictures after the specified duration and comes back to the start screen. If the user wants to stop the application before the duration, exit button is available to close the app before the duration. The pictures already taken will still be saved.

Instructions for uploading images:
1 ) All the image files are stored at location /SDcard/TimeLapse/images/ directory. The directories inside images folder follow naming convention based on the timestamp format yyyyMMdd_HHmmss. It is very easy to locate the directory based on the date TimeLapse was taken. The images follows the naming convention TimeLapse_1, TimeLapse_2, ... making it simple to use in IMovie or Movie Maker for making video.
2) use Free apps like Airdroid or AndroidFile Transfer or any other means to transfer the image files to your computer.

Tutorial on How to create your own TimeLapse Video using copied images:

Windows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JExZV4awK1g

Our Time Lapse on Playstore    Google Play Store

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