Year 2038 Problem Time OverFlow In Systems..

A Brief Overview For CEO, CFO, CTO Level Executives:

A Lot of Assets reported in SEC 10-k form, Computer Infrastructure , and Remote Embedded systems used for Mission Critical Tasks might be at Risk of "Year 2038 Time Overflow" Issue, This is analogous to Y2K problem, but far more Nuanced and needs Top Industry Experience and Solid understanding of All the Links in the Systems , Dependencies Analysis, Embedded Systems, Hardware and Software to Assess and Quantify the Risk and Develop a Mitigation Plan for Risk Avoidance. To Avoid Cascading Domino Time Overflow Malfunction effect across the Connected Systems....

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Why should a CEO care in 2020, about Year 2038 Problem-

There are some early Legacy Code, that used "offsets", to save memory. for example please refer to wiki link on Early Occurances. In May 2006, reports surfaced of an early manifestation of the Y2038 problem in the AOLserver software.

Wiki Link To Early Year 2006 Occurance of Year 2038 Problem...

Technical Overview:

Time in Computers is stored as a Number of Seconds since the Epoch (started on 1 January 1970). Typically in lot of Legacy Systems and Embedded devices, software internally used the data type Integer (Signed 32 bit number), Which can hold maximum value of 2,147,483,647 seconds.

At, 03:14:07 on Tuesday, 19 January 2038 UTC (231-1 = 2,147,483,647 seconds after 1 January 1970), the number of seconds since the Epoch would have Exceeded the maximum 2,147,483,647. Which In software terms is called Data Over Flow, and in most Systems it leads to Undefined Behavior and Malfunction.

Even if the Software uses 32 bit Unsigned Integer or 64 bits, There still might be a Risk, If any Software or Hardware of the Connected Systems is not 2038 Compliant. A lot of Interesting issues will arise if Intermediate expression Overflows even in 64 bit machines. Precision Floating point Arithmetic need to be carefully looked at especially. This Process needs Top of The Industry Expertise Unlike Y2K issue, where it was relatively simple fix, needing no special expertise.

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