Fuzing Devices using Oracle Fusion

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Purpose :
    The other day my mom forgot to shut the stove off before she left the house.
    Luckily i went down stairs to get some water and noticed that

    Sweet got a new project, hook up Sun Spots, Android Phone/Tablet using Oracle Fusion

    Most of the Java Source and Fusion Screen Shots are under Current Articles

Software Used:
    1) Oracle Fusion (Various Adapters, Bpel, Java, SOA, ADF/JSF)
    2) Netbeans for Sun Spots
    3) Sun Spot Api
    4) Eclipse for Android Tablet view of JSF
    5) VirtualBox running Oracle Linux
    6) Oracle DB (saving spot data)
    7) JMeter/Ant
    8) Weblogic (EM,Console)
    9) Mac Lion OS
    10) Drupal for Web (Basically this site you are on now).

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